bilingual nursery blonay

Children are born with such potential and genius.
Let them play, let them learn and let them grow.


Through our play-based curriculum, inspired by many leading specialists such as Maria Montessori and adapted by our local teachers, Kensington English Bilingual Nursery aims to set a secure foundation on which your little can continue to play, learn and grow.

Designed for children from 30 months, join us every Tuesday and Thursday morning during term time from 08h until 11h45 for fun and learning.



Children who begin their education in an environment of playful learning and discovery emerge as more confident, imaginative and socially aware. These children continue to approach their learning with the critical thinking and communication skills that make them curious, well-rounded, and successful members of their communities. Play is therefore a key feature of our philosophy.

We also afford great importance to creativity and self-expression through arts and crafts, music and bilingualism.

Freedom of choice is also a key feature to our educational philosophy. As Maria Montessori did, we believe every child has a voice. Activities are prepared and suggested, children are invited to taste various snacks but, with the exception of health and safety, there is no “you must”. When we allow children to make decisions for themselves we allow them, as individuals, to meet their own needs.  We show respect for the child and their choices, while they are learning that their voice is important.


The UK Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum contains seven areas of learning: Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Communication & Language; Physical Development; Literacy; Mathematics; Understanding the World; Expressive Arts & Design.

Through our themed activities, sensory and imaginative play, we aim to:

  • encourage curiosity
  • develop communication
  • build confidence
  • introduce early school skills
  • #playlearngrow

The teaching team tracks your child’s progress in all areas using an age-appropriate Early Learning goals grid which we are happy to share at key points in the year.


Typical Day


08h – Nursery Opens. Children arrive and are encouraged to play independently in our quiet area.

08h30 – Circle Time: Welcome each child, read a story and present the main activity.

08h45 – Activity time: Themed curriculum-based activity linked to our chosen story.

09h30 – Snack time: Fruit and/or vegetable platter followed by a tasty treat.

10h – Outdoor Play: Explore our natural world.

11h – Choosing Time: Free play to develop creativity and imagination.

11h30 – Circle Time: Goodbye children.

11h45 – Nursery Closes.

* This timetable is meant as a guide. Staff adapt to the children, the daily weather, and the current theme to inspire and animate the best morning for your child.


A foreign language is one of the best gifts you can give your child!

Young children have an innate ability to learn several languages seamlessly and simultaneously, including (near) native pronunciation.

In addition to extra communication and interpersonal skills, exposure to a second language in early childhood increases problem-solving abilities, working memory, and capacity for abstract thinking; essential to academic progress.

Though our predominant language is English, our bilingual teachers allow for French to be seamlessly blended into activities, songs and stories throughout the day in a natural and fun way.

Outdoor Play

“There’s no such thing as bad weather,
only bad clothes.”

This phrase hails from Scandinavia, where it’s a common mantra repeated by parents who encourage their children to spend time outdoors every day. Blonay and its surroundings offer many parks, forests and paths which provide many outdoor learning opportunities.


Positive relationships are essential to enabling environments. By fostering a strong rapport and establishing open communication with parents, we better support children’s learning and development at home and at Kensington English.

A strong sense of trust and respect helps the settling-in process and any other transitions for the child. Please contact us to organise your child’s adaptation.

Throughout the year, families will be invited to key events in the calendar, as well as Nursery Graduation / Celebrations of Achievement.

To strengthen the home-nursery bond, it is possible to work with our teaching team outside of contact time. For example, evenings, weekends and school holidays.