“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates.

The great teacher inspires.”

William Arthur Ward

At Kensington English, we strive to Learn English, Have Fun. Our classes, be they for children, adolescents or adults, are designed to motivate and inspire our students to discover more of the English language. By planning the courses with their class teacher, students are central to the learning process and active in their learning journey; bringing a sense of pride as well as academic achievement.

Native Speaker Classes

Inspire and nurture a love of reading and writing in bespoke classes based on the British National Curriculum, delivered in a fun and meaningful way and adapted to your child’s needs.

Preschool from 30 months – initiation to rhythm, rhyme and pre-reading and -writing skills

Fun with Phonics – introduction to reading and writing simple sounds and words

Key Stage 1 – continuation of sound recognition, introduction to tricky words within short stories and emerging Literacy skills

Key Stage 2 – developing confidence in reading and writing, alternative spellings

Key Stage 3 – extended reading and writing skills in a mix of forms and registers


Native Speaker Phonics Literacy Blonay

Native Speaker Teens wishing to attend an English-speaking university are encouraged to apply to our Cambridge Advanced and / or Proficiency exam courses in order to fulfil the language requirements to their application.

English as an Additional Language

Discover and master the English language in fun immersive communication classes.

Preschool from 30 months – initiation to English, nursery rhymes and topic words

Cambridge Starters, Movers and Flyers A0-A2 for 5 – 12 yo – introduction to simple words, sentences and conversation

Cambridge Preliminary, Key and First for Schools B1-B2 for young teens – developing grammatical concepts and idiomatic language in a range of scenarios

Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency Classes for young adults – complex text and spoken skills across abstract topics

For adults, private lessons are available upon request in addition to our monthly Apéro and Conversation evenings.