At Kensington English, we believe in teaching the whole child and discovering their unique talents. We offer extracurricular activities in the form of Art, Choir, Science and Drama clubs and individual singing lessons online.


Bring your picnic and set your creativity free at one of our lunch clubs (12h-13h30) open to both Native Speakers and English learners:


Art - Monday

Explore shape, colour and our natural world with a range of techniques and media.

English speaking Choir for children

Music - Tuesday

Learn traditional and popular songs from anglophone countries and culture, and discover a range of musical intsruments.

Science - Friday

Discover the answers to some big questions about the world in which we live.

** Service pédibus available between Grand Pré, Cojonnex and Bahyse schools **

For Native and Advanced English speakers, we offer Speech and Drama classes with a possibility to prepare for LAMDA examinations, and online singing lessons with a West End and BBC Singer performer. These two activities build on preexisting language skills and give your child the opportunity to develop their self-confidence, imagination and cognitive abilities such as memory and multitasking.

Speech and Drama

Juniors 5-8 – Thursday 15h30
Intermediate 9-12 – Thursday 16h30
Teens 13-16 – TBC

Musical Theatre Camp every Easter!

Online Singing Lessons

Nicola really hit the high notes as a West End performer and BBC Singer. Now, she specialises in vocal tuition with classes via Skype and/or Zoom.